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ThYnking Foundation

Service to mankind is service to God, and it is the best form of worship.

Thyinking Foundation is dedicated to assisting and helping orphans, widows and families in despair. Not just to survive, but to help them have a life, to make them feel human again.
We offer them free education in digital marketing because we strongly believe that with the skills they will have, they will be able to make a good living for themselves, not just barely survive and depend on the goodwill of others.
And this is just the beginning for us, as we aspire to take this service to another level so our reach can extend to thousands and if not more people. We all at thYnking are passionate about it and certain that this is within our grasp as we give 5% of all our profit to this noble cause.
We ask you to join us as a client, be part of our family and let’s together make a difference. Don’t be just a game changer, be a life changer!
ThYnking Foundation
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