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Roofing SEO

What SEO can do for your Roofing Business

Just as a roof is an important part of every structure, your roofing SEO strategy should be an important part of your business. An attractive, well designed website is a boon to every business and your roofing business is no different.

A well structured, well optimised website will make it easy for potential clients to find you. So, how do you become one of the major players? Roofing SEO; it is the yellow pages of today. Here is everything you need to know about SEO and making your business stand out.

What is SEO and How can SEO help my Roofing Business?

  • SEO or search engine optimization — This is an invaluable strategy that enriches your website with meaningful, engaging content that uses strategic keywords relevant to your unique business.
  • Keywords are a vital part of SEO — Keywords are words or phrases related to your business which users search for that will lead them to your site and increase its ranking.
  • SEO is multifaceted — SEO also involves optimizing your site’s functionality via user-friendly navigation, custom content, and other strategies.
  • SEO will help your SERP Ranking — SERP means search engine results page and the sites at the top enjoy the lion’s share of clicks. All website content is analyzed by search engines, this determines how high a site will rank.
  • SEO is an excellent way to remain competitive — Incorporating relevant keywords throughout your page will create a theme that will help you rank higher in the SERP; your website will be relevant to search queries, like “roofer in my area” or “roofing business near me”.

What ROI Should I Expect?

A successful ROI (return of investment) differs based on the type and the the size of the business. You need to set a realistic goal for your roofing SEO plan, one that is ambitious but still within your grasp. Aim too high and you will be perpetually disappointed; aim too low and you may never realize your full potential.

Potential clients are also measuring the ROI on their decision to hire you so your website should give clients an idea of the value your service will provide to them and their building. A good ROI for your roofing SEO plan means assessing the size of your budget, allocating some of it to web development, and receiving enough new clientele to reimburse and exceed the cost of investment.

SEO for Roofing Companies


How Long Does SEO Take?

  • Results Take Time — SEO results can take up to several months for you to see significant results. That is because Google and other search engines need time to crawl through the information on your pages, and to analyze user behavior and interaction with your site.
  • A Lengthy Campaign means Better Results — A good roofing SEO campaign means hundreds of hours of work per week for several weeks before the campaign’s effectiveness becomes apparent.
  • Results Depend on Two Factors — A successful roofing SEO campaign results in a better SERP ranking but more importantly, on a steady increase and influx of new customers.
  • Results will Eventually Plateau — New customers should continue to increase over time and then eventually taper off to the point where your main concern is maintaining those numbers.

Roofing Marketing Campaign: Local or National?

The decision to market your services locally or nationally is entirely dependent on your business objectives. Local marketing uses your city and state to get you noticed by potential customers who are searching locally for a roofing business. This means that customers will type in phrases like “(city/state) roofer” or “roofer near me” and you will want to get noticed by clients searching for those terms.

National marketing is taking a world-wide subject such as “roofing repair” or “hurricane roof damage” and catering to anyone who is searching for information on those subjects. Again, this is entirely dependent on the goals of your business but either effort will ensure results for your desired campaign goals.

Assessing your Roofing Website for Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are a measurement of the success of your roofing SEO campaign. One of the most important factors in determining KPIs is visitor engagement and retention on your website and whether that leads to increased business for you. Overall, KPIs should correspond to your business’ goals and expectations.

KPIs are important to us too because they help us to identify what is or is not working and in the case of the latter, make adjustments and improvements that will result in a more successful SEO campaign. You can consider KPIs to be a report card for an SEO campaign. These are among the most important KPIs to consider:

  • New Clients — Your goal is to get as many of them as possible.
  • Organic Traffic — The people who find your website from the SERP.
  • Keyword Ranking — The better your keywords rank, the better chance users will visit your site.
  • Bounce Rate — This is when users only visit one page on your site before leaving.
  • Pages per Session — The number of pages each person views on your site during their visit.

How to Optimize On-site SEO for your Roofing Business

On-site SEO refers to how well your website is structured for the optimum user experience; it helps users and search engines quickly discover what your website is about and whether it is relevant to their search. This includes factors like incorporating strong keywords on your site in a natural sounding way and providing users with an easily navigable website.

  1. Choose the Correct Keywords Good keyword selection is based on incorporating keywords that your customers will find appealing and relevant, such as the specific services you provide, the geographical area you serve, and the type of structures on which you work (commercial and/or residential).
  2. Optimize your Website Structure Good website structure means making it easily navigable for users and search engines via pages that link to each other and making each page clear and discrete from the rest.
  3.  Create Custom Content — Add content that pertains to your business and what potential customers are searching for. All custom content should be carefully proofread, grammatically correct, and contain relevant keyword terms.
  4. Add Google Analytics — Google Analytics is a free tool that allows you to quickly and easily analyze data relating to your website’s traffic, keyword rankings, and more to see how your site is doing with users and with the Google search engine
  5. Add a Sitemap — A sitemap is a file that contains all of the pages on your website and ranks them according to which ones are the most relevant. Submitting your sitemap to different search engines will help your website to rank higher in search results.
  6. Increase Website Security — Your website should be protected at all times to ensure that passwords and sensitive information are not easily stolen. You also want to prevent hackers from manipulating it so that it is inaccessible or threatening to users.
  7. Increase Website Load Speed — If someone has to wait too long for your page to load, they might lose interest and leave your website. Page loading speed is a factor in your SERP ranking so it should be well optimized for both desktop and mobile users.

How to Optimize Off-site SEO for your Roofing Business

Off-site SEO means improving your SERP ranking by having other reputable sources link to your website or share it on social media. Your ranking can also be improved by doing the reverse, i.e. linking to reputable sources. You should make sure that your content relates to the geographical area in which you and your potential clients are located, this will help to increase your website’s relevance.

  1. Build Relevant Links for your Roofing Business — Linking to high ranking, authoritative pages relevant to your roofing business will help to improve your link profile and SERP ranking.
  2. List your Roofing Business in the Right Directories — Potential customers will find you more easily if your business is listed in high ranking directory sites.
  3. Cleaning your Website Link Profile — This entails removing any bad links from your webpages and making sure that high ranking authoritative sites link to your website. Dead, irrelevant, or too few links on your site will hurt your ranking.

Social Media Integration for Roofers

The popularity and usage of social media presents new opportunities for you to grow your online presence and attract new customers. It can help to increase your site’s traffic in an inexpensive and efficient way. A solid social media presence increases your brand recognition and brand loyalty and gives you a better chance to convert social media users into customers by engaging with them on their level.

  • Youtube Management and Optimization — Many businesses use Youtube for product promotion, demonstrations, or even tutorials. We can help to optimize the content and keyword integration of your Youtube videos.
  • Management of Major Social Media for your Roofing Business — If you do not not have time for constant updates to your social media accounts then our team will regularly update your social media accounts, and make sure that you have content that engages your readers.

Tracking the Growth of your Roofing Business

It is necessary to stay up to date on your company’s growth, profitability, and client base. These tools and methods will help to give you a good idea of what is or is not working for your roofing company and provide the guidance to make the appropriate changes if necessary.

  • Phone Tracking — With phone tracking, it is possible to determine which aspect of your SEO campaign made someone call you so that we can discover which part of the campaign is working the best.
  • Form Tracking — When someone fills out a contact form online, you can get notified of their location. Knowing where your clients are located makes it easier to formulate a more targeted strategy.
  • Traffic Reports — Gauge how much traffic is being driven to your website, where it is coming from, and what piques users’ interest using tools like Google Analytics or Coremetrics. This is in-depth information that can be used to better refine your SEO campaign.
  • Ranking ReportsRanking reports can help to determine where your different keywords rank and find which ones are the most or least effective so that we can alter our strategy accordingly.

Roofing SEO: A Digital Advertising Solution that Works

An effective Roofing SEO campaign can exponentially increase the growth and scope of your business; it can help you get a broader range of clients who may not have previously heard of your business and the services it provides. Using all of the tools and techniques discussed above we can help to improve your SERP ranking and, more importantly, drive potential clients to your website.

An SEO campaign requires time and patience because you will not see results instantaneously; instead, it may take weeks or months before you will start seeing improvements to your SERP ranking, site traffic, and client numbers. thYnking has years of experience helping a variety of clients mount successful SEO campaigns; we are ready to apply all we have learned over those years to help your business reach new heights.

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